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Our Team

Here’s a quick look at our team of accountants and advisors. They might not look pretty but they are keen to impress you...

Wayne Hockley
Wayne Hockley GET TO KNOW Wayne Hockley
Lucy Lee
Lucy Lee GET TO KNOW Lucy Lee
Chris Metcalf
Chris Metcalf GET TO KNOW Chris Metcalf
Georgi Eagle
Georgi Eagle GET TO KNOW Georgi Eagle
Keeley Salmon
Keeley Salmon GET TO KNOW Keeley Salmon
Megan Rogers
Megan Rogers GET TO KNOW Megan Rogers
Hannah Kelly
Hannah Kelly GET TO KNOW Hannah Kelly
Callum Blatch
Callum Blatch GET TO KNOW Callum Blatch
Wendy Salmon
Wendy Salmon GET TO KNOW Wendy Salmon
Sam Lee
Sam Lee GET TO KNOW Sam Lee
Callum Wright
Callum Wright GET TO KNOW Callum Wright
Summer Roberts
Summer Roberts GET TO KNOW Summer Roberts
Dena Metcalf
Dena Metcalf GET TO KNOW Dena Metcalf
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