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A business is a means to an end. It has a purpose, an objective, a goal.

Once these fundamental reasons for its existence have been identified, articulated and understood, they can be worked into a business plan. This will set out how the business is going to achieve its goal over a period of time.

This period of time is then broken down by year and translated into a set of forecasts and budgets. These will set out exactly what you aim to earn, spend, invest and achieve – and the implications for your cash flow.

At the beginning of each financial year, a forecast should be prepared by every business. This enables your business to assess its performance as the year progresses, and ensure the business is on course to achieve its objectives. It also highlights when things aren’t going to plan, and enables you to take action to get your business back on track.

Using the latest forecasting tools and processes, we can help you to forecast the profit and cash flow of your business for the next 12 months. We do this using the information set out in your business plan, and through fully understanding how your business works. We objectively assess the assumptions made in constructing your forecast to ensure they are achievable.

Our Forecasting is a powerful tool for running your business. By checking your actual performance against predicted performance, and understanding why there are differences between the two, you can develop an action plan to get back on track.



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